Restoration of a Familiar Practical Art in Sign Painting

Sign painting, as it is, is a rather old world practical art form that is still relevant today. Many people may not recognize sign painting by the name, but everyone most probably sees it daily. So, what is it? You must have seen hand-painted signs on the glass doors or on the walls above the shop. You must still have fond memories from your childhood and the years of growing up to see a particular place.

Chances are that it had its name in attractive lettering all over the wall! So you see, it is quite a vintage affair. Even these days, when it is convenient or up-to-date to get a digital display for the store, many shop-owners still look for professional sign painters for that old school feel. There is something indeed very attractive about putting that human element into practice, of a real person doing the artwork, instead of designing the signage in a studio. Check out a few reasons why it is still viable to hire a professional sign painter for the job.

A good decision

  1. In an era when most establishments use a digital display board, your place would stand out from the rest. This creates a genuine standalone attraction and helps your business grow. Besides, the act of sign painting, or to see real people attentively working outside your place, creates curiosity among the passersby. People would take notice and automatically you gain an interested group of customers’ right from the start.    
  2. Connect with your customers with an old world feel. For example, if the lettering is in the vintage western format, it reminds people of all those old-time western movies. This is an excellent opportunity for connecting with the nostalgia of a bygone era. Another cool idea is to remember the Hippie era of the 60s in the signage. Even today’s generation is totally in the groove with the songs from the 60s and 70s, and your shop should be an instant hit with all people who love the old times.

It’s a hip idea to get the sign painting done in a graffiti style art if you stay in a neighborhood where it gets you da attention from chilled out neighbors. So, there you are. Plenty of artistic choices are available. All you have to do is get in touch with a professional sign painting service and state your requirements to get the work done as per your specifications. 

  • Although glow signboards shine in the evening, yet in the day time they may look particularly dull. The hand-painted sign stands out. As for the evening, all you have to do is to set up lights strategically around it so that you illuminate it attractively.
  • The creative attraction of showy lettering is definitely a fantastic idea to get people to look around and see what it is all about.

On the work

It is a challenging artistic profession. Struggling artists who want to make their mark in the neighborhood can definitely pick up the brush and work in the revival of this vintage American tradition. Your success would inevitably depend on your creative skills and how good you are in inferring the vibes of the place you are representing. Although you cannot put your name on the artwork, yet you can always take a photograph of your artwork and add to your portfolio. This eventually helps you to grow in recognition and be successful in doing what you love.  So, what do you need to be a sign painter?

First and foremost, you obviously need that willingness to work as one. Once you are sure that this is the right job for you, get to the action with setting up your studio at a visible location in your place. Check out professionals who are already busy in the business so that you can develop business partnerships and learn how to go about the job. So, what is the first job that you ought to do? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s your own little sign painting workshop sign that you got to display proudly. Here are a few important tips to start working.

  • Get a good assortment of paintbrushes ready. You will need rich oil paints. Get quality paint thinners as well. Synthetic enamels are preferable. Use oil spirits to clean the brushes. Specific brushes for the job are available online. Chisel tip brushes are common options. Maintain a wide assortment for exercising your artistic creativity. In this respect, do remember that inhaling the toxic fumes from all paints is hazardous for your health. You go to take breaks often and cover your face and nose while you are at it. Do not drink or eat when you work because it increases the risk of ingesting the chemicals from paints.
  • Do not limit yourself to lettering only. Be creative in artistic renditions using a mixture of images, graffiti, and words.

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