Commissioning a Sign Painter just like Old Times

Those were the days my friend. The neighborhood sign painting workshop was never out of a job. There was always something or else to do. Whether the storefront sign needed a touch-up or the rear window of a car looked better with a hand-painted sign that said something, the artist was always busy. Well, then, in the last 30 years, the robots took over! Heck, ever since the digital flex printing and stickers began to make rounds, people went for the easy way, bypassing the artist’s studio. Among other things, towns began to lose their individualities. Everywhere, it looks the same with similar glow signs and nothing new. The dreary design landscape does not show much creativity either because really unique lettering of the words is getting rarer and rarer to notice.

Remembering the traditions

Now, all these facets of uniqueness make up the soul of a place. Art itself is the purest expression of the heart, and hence soulful. Does not your heartstrings feel the tug once in a while to see a neighborhood shop sporting one of those ‘old world’ vintage hand painted signs done in the good old West format?

Supporting your local sign painting artist should not seem too much of a far-fetched idea. There should always be something where you can do something to stay connected to these bits and pieces of traditional America. Otherwise, like so many other things, the culture of street art may slowly disappear. Besides, there is always this immense feel-good factor warming up the heart to see a local theme painted on a big wall! It is a connection to identify with, to tell that it means something really special to be at a particular place. Yes, it is sad that this uniqueness of national heritage has to struggle to get back to life!

Speaking of heritage, it should be interesting to note the reference to ‘ghost sign’. These refer to the fading old advertisements that were hand painted on street corners and storefront walls. Although many people tend to discard these as emblems of a commercial soul-less society, really you cannot deny the artistic aspect of it; the human element that came through in those designs crafted painstakingly by artists who were respected community members. Luckily, in the last few years, there has been a slightly noticeable renewal of interest in this dying art form. Many shop owners in the neighborhood are recognizing the value of vintage, and its cost-saving advantages as well.

It is a great job

One can hire a professional sign painter for truly unique store signage at a much lesser cost than it should take to get a full-fledged computer designed sign. In addition, there is also that long-term hefty electricity cost to consider with a glowing signboard. With a hand painted work, all you need is illuminate it with a few strategically placed LED lamps. Look up online for an experienced professional sticking to his guns in keeping this uniqueness of national tradition alive. Relive the vintage era as art brings it to life in front of your eyes.

Beam with pride at your car as it sports your signature or the logo of your local team in vivid colors. Help with brightening up the pavement with a fine mural glowing from your shop wall. Get people talking about your place and watch them tell you how great it feels to remember those old days that is almost fading away. 

Also, you might be reading this post because you are a struggling artist and thinking of doing something in this line. Definitely, only by the participation of new people can the heritage continue into the future so that the kids of today can recognize their roots. To start in this job, first of all, you would need grit and willingness to stick on to your art, no matter what. It is going to be a matter of faith at times when you may tend to lose hope of making any real future in this. Hold on to the belief that a renewal of this old tradition is definitely possible.

In fact, one of the best advantages of this work is that you do not have to hire an advertiser for yourself. Just pick up a good place where it does not violate any city permit or does not trespass into anyone else’s property, and paint out your business attraction. Now, that is the challenge! You got to do the self-promotion in such an attractive and intelligent way that it works. Apart from ideating on a fantastic mural, think out a clever turn of words that can connect immediately with your intended audience. Do not make it anything that is offensive or violates good sense in any way. Use the internet for your promotions and self-training. Practice specific artistic works such as freeform lettering, casting a shadow on alphabets, and mixing different colors to get the exact desired result. 

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