Who I am, What I do, and Who I Do It With

I run a small sign shop dedicated to quality craftsmanships and a product that satisfies myself, but most importantly, YOU. In most instances I work the old way, hand drawn to achieve personal look. I use the latest in computer technology when the job calls for it. I work best for those who try to understand my limitations and my strengths. I’m good but not perfect. Dedicated nit-pickers and chronically unhappy should seek elsewhere. I’ve been working in the sign trade since 1978.


I have chosen this town, population 700 something, as the home for my business. My Grandfather, Louis Meyer, operated a Feed Mill as well as a Gas Station here. My father, George Meyer, also operated barber shop here. I’m proud to make my living and home here in this friendly town. My shop is and old Grocery Store which has the charm and ‘old feel’ in which I enjoy. Please stop in to visit and browse the showroom, you are only a stranger once. My philosophy is this, ‘Do what you love, love what you do!’